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The flow of energy in winter is like a deep quiet pool at the bottom of an ice-crusted river.

According to Chinese medicine's Five Phase theory, Winter is the "Water Phase". It's the season to nurture the health of the Kidney Network and cultivate the characteristics of water in our body, mind and actions. The Kidney Network is a group of physical, mental, energetic, and environmental traits that come together to form a fundamental aspect of your life. Some of the factors in the Kidney Network are: kidneys and bladder, ovaries and testes, bones, spinal cord, brain, water, winter, fear, wisdom, jing essence, grains, nuts and more.

Water is the most powerful substance of life. We can't live without it. Our health is largely determined by the quantity and quality of water in our bodies. Because the Kidneys control this most essential aspect of our health, and because they are the storehouse of Essence, they should be given special attention in winter.

The Three Treasures of human life are Essence, Energy and Spirit. A qigong lifestyle is centered on nourishing these treasures so that we can enjoy life to its fullest. Winter is the best time to cultivate Essence, or Jing. Jing/Essence is the matrix that guides physical growth and aging, it is the basis of the immune system, and the foundation of stillness in your mind. Our Essence determines how we mature, how we age and when we die. For that reason, nourishing Jing/Essence is vitally important to your health from birth to death.

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