ronPhoto250My mission in life is a triad of offerings: to help people access their deepest level of well-being, to teach them how to enhance their vital energy for better health, and to provide therapeutic services that will guide their body, mind, and spirit toward a life of peace and happiness. The source of well being is a stream of energy that flows through our lives. It comes from the natural environment, diet, relationships and spiritual awakening. This vital energy that creates optimal health must be abundant and always moving. My mission is to provide classes and services that help others enjoy good health in the flow of life.

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 “By following the principles and practices of well-being that Ron Davis has shared through his instruction, treatments, and writings, I am able to cultivate and enjoy the experience of health and repose meant for me for these moments of my life. Gratitude for Ron's dedication to understanding the complexity of human wellness and commitment to sharing it with compassion!”  Kory G.

Yellowstone Public Radio Interview

Here is a link to a radio interview with Dr. Ron and Rachel Rockafellow on Yellowstone Public Radio. It was unscripted, informal, and well received by the listeners. A good time was had by all!



Find the Flow in Spring


Spring is a heady, invigorating - sometimes disturbing - season with wild fluctuations of energy surging throughout nature as birth, arousal and movement. The momentum of spring creates a new world: tender leaves reaching skyward, icy rivers flooding valleys, babies everywhere filled with life. During this Wood Phase, the qi moves like a rising tide through your body coming up from its winter storage in the lower abdomen and moving into the chest. This energetic upswing will affect your body and mind with benefits… and possible problems.

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Welcome to Spring with Dr. Ron...



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What people are saying about Qigong Through The Seasons by Ronald Davis:

"Long before I had read any Chinese text or had even heard the word 'dao', I was searching for a book like this. With clear diagrams and simple, precise language, it illustrates how to harmonise our bodies and souls with the passing of the seasons using movement, diet and breathing, all tied in with gentle visualisations in the Chinese tradition. The transformative power of such practice is now well attested, and Ronald Davis, imbued as he is with many, many years practice, comes over as a consummate teacher. How much wiser to ensure, than insure our health! The merit of this text is its clear and gentle coaxing - giving us no excuse not to get down to it right away!" Richard Bertschinger, acupuncturist and author of several books including Everyday Qigong Practice and Essential Texts in Chinese Medicine: The Single Idea in the Mind of the Yellow Emperor.

Signed copies of Qigong Through The Seasons are available for purchase at Country Bookshelf in Bozeman, major online booksellers, and from The Health Movement. Click on "Products" in menu bar for details.