Acupuncture Treatments

Dr. Ron Davis is providing acupuncture services at
13811 Mansfield Road, Athens, Ohio.
Sessions are scheduled by appointment.
Contact him by email, phone or text. Please leave a message with your name and
a very brief description of your problem. He will respond as soon as possible.
Phone/text: 406-551-5653

Initial visit: $110. 60-90 minutes.
This visit includes basic paperwork, a thorough history, and a physical examination. Dr. Davis will then give you his opinion and recommendations for your condition. An acupuncture treatment will be given with your consent.

Following sessions: $85. 45-75 minutes.
Along with acupuncture, treatments may include some body work (massage, stretching, shiatsu etc.). You may receive instructions for home care of your condition. This could include exercise, stretching, qigong practice, meditation, massage, dietary suggestions, and more. Treatments do not include cupping, moxibustion or spinal adjustments.

Payment must be by cash or check payable to Ron Davis at the time of service. We do not submit insurance claims.

Considerations for each visit
You must have complete medical vaccinations for Covid19.
Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Patient gowns will be provided if needed.
Do not eat within one hour of your visit. Do not wear any perfume or scented lotions.
Please do not be late for your appointment. Arrive with a clean body and a relaxed mind.

Methods of treatment
Dr. Davis has practiced acupuncture for more than thirty five years. His methods of treatment, based on training and experience, are tailored to the needs of the individual. Chinese techniques are used to decrease pain and increase the flow of blood and nerve impulses. Japanese techniques are used to calm the body and mind, improve organ function, and promote a state of well-being. Most people will benefit from a combination of these methods.

Diet is very important to your health. Dr. Davis may recommend certain foods or drinks and perhaps herbs in addition to the acupuncture treatments. We can order special herbal formulas for certain needs.
Physical activity is, in general, very helpful for most people. Dr. Davis may recommend forms of movement that are specific for your condition. His expertise in chiropractic care enables him to know which exercises are good for bodily pain and injury. His experience with different forms of meditation and qigong allow him to suggest appropriate mind/body practices that enhance your total well-being.

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My mission in life is a triad of offerings: to help people access their deepest level of well-being, to teach them how to enhance their vital energy for better health, and to provide therapeutic services that will guide their body, mind, and spirit toward a life of peace and happiness.”

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To be healthy, we must have abundant energy and blood, and each must flow freely without obstructions through body and mind. Most conditions of ill health come from a deficiency and/or stagnation of these two vital aspects of life.