Chinese Medicine

The principles and practice of Chinese Medicine
are the foundation of The Health Movement

With more than 3000 years of research and development, Chinese medicine is the premier system of natural health care. It has served millions of people for thousands of years by accessing, manipulating, and enhancing the body’s immense storehouse of healing energy. Acupuncture, herbs, qigong, and massage are the fundamental tools of Chinese medicine. Dr. Davis has practiced and studied this healing art for over thirty years and finds it increasingly fascinating as his skills and knowledge continue to expand.

There are many theories, in Asia and in the western world, about how acupuncture and the other aspects of Chinese medicine work. Underlying all of them is the idea that there is an energy-force-power that is responsible for keeping a person healthy in body and mind. This healing power is called “Qi” (chee).

There are two requirements of Qi that a person must meet to enjoy good health. First, they must have enough Qi, and, second, the Qi must circulate freely throughout the body. The goal of Chinese medicine is to promote abundant energy and the unobstructed flow of that energy.



This valuable form of healing is focused on establishing a full and balanced circulation of Qi throughout the body. If there is too much or too little of this energy at any place it will cause pain, dysfunction or disease. Acupuncture does not add or take away anything from the body; it works on what is there.

The skillful use of these tiny steel needles can have a huge effect on harmonizing the flow of this vital power. For three decades, Dr. Davis has studied with Chinese, Japanese, European and American master acupuncturists. He has honed his own style of diagnosis, point selection, and needle technique into a method that has helped thousands of people regain their health.

In many cases, when Qi stagnations, excesses, deficiencies and obstructions are corrected the person’s complaints seem to drift away. Often a patient will report that not only did their main problem improve, but other seemingly secondary complaints also got better. Acupuncture, more than any other healing modality, has a wonderful integrating effect on the body and the mind. It is truly a holistic way of treatment.

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Herbs and Diet
Chinese herbs are probably the most extensively researched botanical medicine in the world. Along side acupuncture, they stand at the center of this complex and efficacious system of healing.

When prescribed by a competent practitioner, Chinese herbal remedies are far safer and often more effective than pharmaceutical drugs. A hallmark of this method is to use herbs in a combination called a “formula”. The use of these herbs in systematized formulas creates a synthesis of effects that both enhance the good ingredients and mitigates any side effects.

At The Health Movement we use only the highest quality Chinese herbs. The companies we buy from have thorough testing procedures for the raw herbs and then manufacture them into tablets under the finest laboratory conditions. We would never compromise on the quality of the herbal formulas that we suggest; your health is too important to us.

What you eat may be the most influential factor in the state of your health. When treating problems of the organ systems – digestion, elimination, reproduction, respiration, etc. – the first consideration is diet. We will help you identify the foods you should eat and those that are best left out of your diet. We take a common sense approach in analyzing your dietary habits and the nutritional needs of your current situation.


Qigong has been practiced in many forms for over two thousand years. Consisting of gentle movements, conscious breathing, and focused concentration, the practice of qigong has had tremendous benefits for Dr. Davis and his many students and patients. There are literally hundreds of different qigong styles. Medical Qigong is an important part of Dr. Davis’ work; it is the foundation of his series of classes called Qigong Through The Seasons. Please CLICK HERE for more information about qigong.