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Qigong Through The Seasons. Book –  $24

bookCover330Dr. Ron’s book provides a complete, straightforward guide to the principles and practices of actively living in harmony with the seasonal energetic changes throughout the year. His complete program supports naturally good physical and mental health by focusing on those qigong exercises, Daoist meditations, and dietary principles that are unique to each season.

The book presents a clear explanation of the theory underlying Dr. Ron’s program, including the Five Phases (Five Elements) of Chinese Medicine, the body’s Qi system of channels and reservoirs, and the concept of chronobiology. For each season he provides a qigong practice specific for that time of year, meditations, herbal information, and dietary recommendations with simple recipes. This whole program will support the organ network that is most important during that season.

This book is a refreshing, elegant, and in-depth coverage of qigong for health. Accessible and yet profound, it is a complete joy to read. Good for seasoned practitioners or anyone interested in a healthy life, it translates ancient wisdom into a compelling and relevant model for health in today’s world.” (review on by Suzann Duquette, Daoist-Qigong Instructor)

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Qigong Through The Seasons can be purchased through your local bookstore and at major online book sellers.


 Build a Better Back. DVD – $25
betterBack250This video will teach you the safest and most effective exercises for your spine. Hundreds of people have used this program to recover from injuries, improve their posture, and be pain free.

The first section (45 minutes) gives detailed instructions for each exercise. Dr. Davis teaches you the vital techniques that make exercising time efficient and productive. Safety tips, precise photography, and illustrations of the muscles make this an excellent training session.

In the second section, Dr. Davis does the entire 15 – 20 minute routine at a slow and uninterrupted pace. You can use this section as a guide to doing the exercises correctly and in the best sequence. It’s like having a personal trainer at home. A great way to stay motivated!



24 Step Taiji. DVD – $20
24StepTaiji250This instructional video features Ron Davis demonstrating the 24 Step form of Yang style taijiquan. This very popular style is shown from various angles. It begins with a front and a back view of the entire form. Then the movements are divided into short segments that are shown from the front, back and side.

This video is superior to many others because it not only shows the form from front and back, but also includes unique side views that allow the student to see all 360 degress of the movements. This format is the best way to learn taiji from a video. The twelve titled chapters of the menu make it easy to navigate through this professionally produced DVD.




Guided Meditations for the Seasons with Dr. Ron Davis. CD – 
When the energy in nature changes with the seasons the energy within us changes as well. If we wish to enjoy naturally good health we must stay in harmony with the seasonal energy shifts in the world around us. We can do this with qigong exercises, diet, and meditations as presented in Ronald Davis’ book and classes titled Qigong Through The Seasons.

summerMeditations250Dr. Davis narrates two CDs that will help you stay healthy during the two extreme seasons: Summer Yang and Winter Yin. Each program contains guided meditations using vivid images, explanations for seasonal influences on our health, soothing music, and appropriate poems. The CDs begin with a colorful introduction to Daoist meditations and explains how the seasons affect our health. The program also gives tips on postures, settings, and scheduling for a regular practice so that you may “enjoy the journey through the energetic landscape of your mind.”

The name and duration of each track is as follows:
Guided Meditations for Summer – Journey with Guided Meditations 3:23, Seven Stars Introduction and Locations 7:22, Seven Stars Meditation 21:19, The Nature of Summer 7:44, The Sunflower Meditation 10:29, Poem 1:41, Rising Yang Qi Meditation 15:20, final Poem 2:10.

Guided Meditations for Winter – 
 Journey with Guided Meditations 3:23, Lake and Geyser Introduction 2:04, Lake and Geyser Meditation 23:03, Seven Stars on the Microcosmic Orbit Introduction 1:19, Seven Stars Location 6:00, Seven Stars Meditation, 21:00, Three Stars of the Lower Dan Tian Introduction 2:11, Three Stars Meditation 8:59, Making Fear Disappear Introduction 2:47, Making Fear Disappear Meditation, 4:05, Poem 1:07.

winterMeditations250Many people, even those with no meditation experience, have found these CDs very helpful for developing their seasonal practice. The guided narrations and visualizations tell you how to mentally move the Qi through the body’s energetic centers and pathways. This freely flowing energy calms your mind, relaxes your body and puts you in harmony with the prevailing seasonal energy. These profoundly subtle meditations embody genuine natural health care at its best.




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