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The flow of energy in spring is like sap rising through this massive trunk and flowing into new leaves.

According to Chinese medicine's Five Phase theory, Spring is the "Wood Phase". It's the season to nurture the health of the Liver Network and the tremendous force of Rising Yang Qi. The Liver Network is a group of physical, mental, emotional and environmental attributes that influence each other to form a fundamental aspect of your life. Some of the factors in the Liver Network are: liver ogan and functions, yang qi, blood circulation, neuromuscular activity, fascia, eyes and vision, the emotion of anger, the virtue of kindness, spring season, east wind, upward growing vegetables, the color green, and more. If these diverse but interlinked elements are healthy and energetically balanced you will stride through this season with vigor, ease, confidence and determination.

Circulation of blood and energy is the major health issue during the Wood Phase. By the end of winter, the circulation of blood through the organs has become rather sluggish, even if we exercise. This causes stagnation of blood and qi which can lead to muscle pains and twitching, clotted blood, hand tremors and facial tics, heart congestion, menstrual cramps, quick irritability, and the wreckage of prolonged anger. Stagnation of blood in the liver is a big problem. It prevents normal detoxification, hampers the biochemical functioning of this vital organ, and impedes the upward movement of qi.

Rising Yang Qi is a hallmark of spring energy flow. This happens naturally throughout nature; it's what stimulates new growth, birthing, spring winds, and the urge for more activity. Winter was held in the embrace of Yin Qi in the lower abdomen, but now it's time for action. If the Rising Yang Qi, while moving upward through the chest, encounters a liver clogged with stagnate blood there will be a price to pay.

The focus for healthy living in spring is to enhance the circulation of blood and qi. We should cultivate the natural movement of Yang Qi but also know how to prevent it from becoming excessive and causing hyperactivity, aggression, and mental distraction. You will learn how to maintain a healthy Liver Network in the Spring Qigong Online class.