sunflower sky

The flow of energy in summer radiates outward from your Heart to connect with all things in the Dao.

According to Chinese medicine's Five Phase theory, Summer  is the "Fire Phase". It's the season to nurture the health of the Heart Network and the tremendous force of SupremeYang Qi. The Heart Network is a group of physical, mental, emotional and environmental attributes that influence each other to form a fundamental aspect of your life. Some of the factors in the Heart Network are: heart ogan and functions, the small intestine, yang qi, blood vessels, tongue, speech, the emotion of joy, the virtue of compassion, summer season, flowering foods, bitter flavor, and more. If these diverse but interlinked elements are healthy and energetically balanced you will stride through this season with vigor, ease, happiness and fulfillment.

The Fire Phase is focused on nurturing the Spirit of your heart. In a sense, Summer is less about the body and more about the transformation of energy into Spirit. This secular spirit is what allows you to recognize and follow your destiny through life. When healthy and fully flowering it is the deepest foundation of peace and the highest expression of love. There are actually five types of Spirit that make a person fully alive, each of them related to an organ network and vital to the development of your personality. The Spirit of summer is in the HeartMind and is what connects us to other people with compassion and joy.

The essential qigong practice for the Fire Phase is Heart Qigong. Dr. Ron demonstrates this exercise on the youtube link at the bottom of the Home page.