Spring Tuneup

Preventive Health Care by the Seasons

I feel that one of the most interesting examples of preventive health care is the Seasonal Tuneup. Because we are inescapably part of Nature, natural forces have a profound influence on our health.The purpose of a seasonal tuneup is to keep us physically, mentally, and energetically in tune with the ever changing forces of the seasons. It is obvious that we are affected by the local weather, but we are also influenced by the powerful changes in planetary and cosmic forces throughout the year. If we want to be naturally healthy we need to be in harmony with these changes.

Each season has a unique energy that will definitely influence a specific organ network in our bodies. These networks are diverse elements that interact on certain organs. For example, the Liver Network consists of physical structures, mental/emotional conditions, and climatic influences: liver and gallbladder, blood, eyes, muscles and tendons, anger and kindness, communication, the middle dantian, season of spring and the east wind. These aspects of the Liver Network are especially important to your health in Spring.

A seasonal acupuncture treatment consists of selecting acupoints that are have a powerful influence on the predominant organ network of that season. During the visit, I will ask about any acute problems that you are currently having. Then I will examine your wrist pulses and tongue to assess the energy balance of all organ systems. After carefull analysis, I will offer an acupuncture treatment that is specifically aimed at keeping you in balance with the energy of spring while also treating any current conditions. This approach uses preventive and remedial treatment at the same time. It is natural health care at its best.

Acupuncture, herbs and qigong are excellent ways to encourage the appropriate distribution and nourishment of seasonal Qi flow. I often do some external qi healing after the needles are placed. This sets up a comfortable and nurturing energy field that strengthens the acupuncture treatment. Herbal tonics are usually taken for a short while during each season. I will make specific recommendations for your personal condition.

The Liver network needs tender loving care in spring. This huge organ becomes clogged with stagnant blood, toxins and metabolic debris during the winter season. As the Rising Yang Qi comes upward in spring it encounters this obstructing situation with unpleasant results. Spring is an exciting transition out of winter because the Yang Qi is tremendously active. But it can also cause frustration and irritability. The Seasonal Tuneup will help you be happy and healthy during this time of invigorating change.

Treatment sessions are $75 by cash or check. Price of herbal supplements varies.

My home studio is about a thirty minute drive from downtown Bozeman. In a sense, the treatment begins when you turn off the highway onto the gravel road. The studio is serene and comfortable with plants, sunlight and twenty acres of quietness. You should expect to be away from town for about two hours. How nice is that?

You may contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information about scheduling and fees.

 Wishing you a happy Spring,

Dr. Ron Davis