Preventive Care in Winter

Preventive Health Care in Winter

There is a long tradition in Asian cultures of having periodic health checkups. Preventing health problems before they become serious is reflected in the well-known Chinese aphorism: “treating a person when they are sick is like digging a well when you are thirsty.” Better early than late.

Perhaps the most common example of preventive health care in China is what is called the Seasonal Tuneup. At the time of transition between seasons people will visit their acupuncturist/ herbalist for a checkup. Any acute problems are addressed and a treatment is rendered that is specifically aimed at keeping the person in balance with the changing energies of that season while also treating any acute conditions. This two-pronged approach uses preventive and remedial treatment at the same time—natural health care at its best.

The best times for a Seasonal Tuneup are near the Autumn and Spring equinox, and the Winter and Summer solstice. As the seasons change the concentration of Qi in the body will shift locations. Acupuncture, herbs and qigong are excellent ways to encourage the appropriate distribution and nourishment of the seasonal Qi flow.

It is obvious that we are affected by the local weather, but we are also influenced by the powerful and subtle changes in planetary and cosmic forces. In winter the exterior world contracts and slows down, but the interior of things is very much alive. Fish live at the bottom of frozen lakes, plants send nutrients to living roots, and our bodies store energy at its core. In this Ultimate Yin season our bones, brain and kidneys become reservoirs for the jing – the essence that keeps us alive. This is the time to nurture our health at the very deepest levels of life.

The Seasonal Tuneup for Winter will consist of an acupuncture treatment selected from those points that can influence the Kidney Network: kidneys, bladder, bones, spinal cord, brain, fear, Jing, and more. Any specific problem the person may be currently having will also be treated. The treatment is done with the patient lying down on their back or their stomach depending on the point selection. Usually one session of acupuncture is enough for the Seasonal Tuneup.The best herbal formula for staying healthy this Winter is Astra Eight. It is a combination of astragalus, ginseng, eleuthero, ligustrim, schizandra, etc, has been carefully selected for the tonification of the immune system and Kidney Qi.

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Written by : Ron Davis