Autumn Qigong
with Dr. Ron Davis
August 17, 2019.  9:00 am - 12:00 pm. $30
Bozeman Dharma Center, 1019 E. Main, suite 202 (enter by front door).

Autumn is about making decisions. This is the harvest season; a time to separate the wheat from the chaff. It's time to circle the wagons and think about self preservation, to gather the essential qualities of good health and drop negative influences, to decide what you want to keep in your life and what should be discarded, to let go of what is depleted and to prepare for a long winter.

Autumn Qigong is a complete practice of health care using qigong exercises, Daoist meditations, and dietary advice to keep you healthy in this time of Gathering Yin. As the days grow shorter the primordial Yin energy of nature descends toward earth like sap returing to a tree's roots. In humans, this Yin Qi moves toward the lungs, the middle dan tian of the chest, and the large intestine.

Qigong exercises use a combination of body movements, intentional breathing, and mental visualization to gather, enhance and circulate Qi energy. Qi is the vital force that keeps you alive. To have good health, your Qi must be abundant and it must be freely circulating through your body.

Daoist meditations are intended to move the Qi through specific organs and channels in the body. These practices often use imagery and regulated breathing to create a healthy integration of body and mind. The meditations can range from very quiet breathing to colorful movement of energy.

Dietary advice comes from the principles of Chinese Medicine. For each season there are corresponding organ networks that benefit from specific foods and herbs. While we should always eat local foods as they become naturally available, we can always benefit from taking herbal supplements based on Chinese dietary advice.


Autumn is the Metal Phase in the great wheel of energy movement through the natural world. The Metal Phase has two important aspects. First, it is about judgement and decision making. The organ network most important in this phase is the Lungs. This system also includes the skin and the large intestine. These three organ systems make decisions about what to bring into your body and what to keep out. They are the boundaries between the external and internal worlds. Second, the Metal Phase is like a sword. It empowers our mental abilities to cut through delusions, distractions, and fallacies. This is the perfect season to drop negativity, let go of bad habits and focus on the positive qualities of a healthy mind: discernment, courage and compassion.



Crane Qigong - The beautiful and elegant Crane Frolic.
                The essential White Healing Mist.
                Three movements of Room To Breathe.
Meditations -  Discover the 4 phases of breathing. The fundamentals of
                Breath Counting, the virtuous Medicine Man Breathing,
                and the primordial Embryonic Breath.
Diet - The beneficial flavors of Sour and Pungent in autumn.
          The ideal herbal tonic, Strengthen Metal.
Important autumn foods that carry Yin energy.

                 CLASS SCHEDULE

Class will begin at 9:00 am. There will be a short late morning break with healthy seaonal snacks. We will finish about 12:00 pm. Wear comfortable clothing, eat lightly before the class, and please be on time.

You must be registered in order to receive the 13 page instructional handout.
Please mail the registration to the address below before August 14th.

1. Download the Registration Form here.
2. Fill out the Form and mail it with a $30 check or money order payable to Ron Davis to
2715 Axtell Anceny Rd, Bozeman MT 59718. No credit cards.

Preregistered students will receive a handout with instructions for the qigong exercises and more. Dr. Ron's book, "Qigong Through The Seasons", will be available. Please wear loose clothing. Bring drinking water and pen or pencil.

Please Note: class size is limited by room space.
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