The Way of Qigong    a two part series of classes with Ron Davis         
January 8 and 15, 2022          Bodhi Tree Studio in Athens, Ohio.

You have an innate healing power that is the source of good health and peace of mind. This natural force can be accessed and cultivated to recover from illness, strengthen your body and awaken your spirit. You can learn exercises, meditations and dietary principles that have been used for thousands of years to create a naturally healthy lifestyle. This is the way of qigong.

This class is presentated by Bodhi Tree as an In-Person class and as an On-Zoom class.
Click here to register for the classes. In-Person is limited to 10 participants. On-Zoom is limited to 30.

Note: each participant must be fully vaccinated for Covid19 in order to attend the in-person class.


Qigong Foundations    In-Person and Zoom class at Bodhi Tree Studio.         
January 8, 2022          10:00 – 11:15 AM.    In-person class is limited to 10 participants.

In this class you will learn the basic principles behind the ageless methods of qigong and why it is still practiced today. What is qi? Where does it come from? How can it be used to create better health? You will understand how the integration of body movement with regulated breathing and mental intention can produce a profound sense of well-being.

As an attendee you will be taught two movements that are prime examples of yin and yang qigong exercises. You will also experience the four phases of healthy breathing and then use that during the Daoist guided meditation of Brain Cleansing. You will learn why the three treasures of humanity – essence, energy and spirit – are the basis of your life, and you will discover how each of the four seasons has a special influence on your health. You will understand the way of qigong.


Qigong For Winter    In-Person and Zoom class at Bodhi Tree Studio.            
January 15, 2022        10:00 – 11:15 AM    In-person class is limited to 10 participants.

This class is an introduction to qigong practice for the winter season. Dr. Ron will discuss how we can use qigong exercises, meditation and diet to promote the healthy flow of energy through some of the most vital structures of your body – the brain, kidneys and bone marrow.

We will review and refine the two movements of the Foundations class so you understand how energy flows through your body and mind. We will do another guided meditation, Three Stars, that leads this flow through the core of your abdomen which is the primary reservoir of your essential energy and is best nourished during this season. There will also be explanations of why certain foods and herbs are especially important in winter.

This class will provide you with the basic principles and practice of Winter Qigong. You can use this information to fully enjoy this season of Ultimate Yin in good health.

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If you want to learn more about the complete Winter Qigong class, which includes detailed videos and an illustrated thirty-five page handbook, you can read a description at This comprehensive course includes the classic qigong exercises of Bone Marrow Cleansing and Bear Frolic, the wonderfully vivid guided meditation of Seven Stars, and detailed information about those healing herbs and essential foods for winter including recipes.

About Ron Davis
Ron Davis has practiced and studied many types of qigong since 1986.  His primary teachers are Grandmaster Liang Shouyu and Ken Cohen. Dr. Davis had a clinical practice of chiropractic and Chinese medicine in Bozeman MT for thirty two years. During that time he founded The Health Movement, a group of classes and educational material designed to improve your well-being by using ancient and modern health care methods. Dr. Ron likes to teach qigong and tai chi so that others may enjoy the benefits of a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and a calm spirit.