Autumn Qigong 2023
presented by Dr. Ron Davis

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Autumn Qigong On-line has two aspects: a video in six chapters, and a written handbook with detailed information. These videos and documents present a set of qigong exercises, explain Daoist meditations and offer dietary suggestions. This self-directed format can be accessed anytime at your convenience in the comfort of your home. Watch and learn as often as you wish until class access ends.
The Way of Qigong for Autumn includes the videos and handbook plus two live in-person classes with Dr. Ron. Live hands-on sessions with a group adds more energy to the practice. You will refine the movements, deepen the mediatations and better understand the principles of qigong when tauight by an experienced teacher. Questions are welcomed and personal instruction will be given so you gain maximum benefit from the practice of Autumn Qigong.

The unique combination of visual and written information will make understanding and practicing Autumn Qigong a pleasantly rewarding experience.

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Autumn Qigong is based on the Five Phase paradigm of Chinese medicine. The Metal phase of autumn is the time to take care of your lungs. This is the season when the lungs are most susceptible to PATHOLOGICAL INVASIONS; it’s also the season when they are most receptive to HEALTHY INFLUENCES. Lungs are your first line of defense – learn how to take care of them!


Ron smileBreathing is the most important thing you do from moment to moment. You can live weeks without food and days without water but after three minutes without oxygen your brain can be damaged. Most people don’t breathe well. I’m going to show you ancient exercises and modern methods to improve the function of your lungs so you can get the most out of the air you breathe. With all the air pollution around us it is crucial that you do everything you can to protect your lungs,” Dr. Ron.


Medical and martial exercises include The Crane Frolic, Shaolin White Crane, and Lung Qigong. The Crane movements will give you better balance, leg strength, shoulder flexibilityCrane and whole body coordination. You’ll take on the most desirable traits of these striking birds: focus, stamina, lightness and longevity! Lung Qigong is a very unique method of absorbing the essence of air and expelling toxins from the lungs. This elegant exercise emphasizes one of the basic aspects of all qigong pracices: mental intention. The movements are simple but the benefits are profound. Lung Qigong is the most essential exercise for this Metal Phase of energy transformation.

Our two Breathing Meditations are perfect yin-yang complements. The Humming meditation increases the amount of nitric oxide Cluster of young stars about one million years old you naturally produce in the airways; then it is absorbed into the lungs where it allows greater uptake of oxygen into your bloodsteam. You are actually making your own medicine with this active meditation.The Embryonic Breathing meditation is possibly the most relaxing thing you will ever do. Here breathing becomes completely effortless. You’ll feel like you’re floating on a sea of tranquility, or gliding through the vastness of space. All tension and stress peacefully drains away.


Registrants will have unlimited access to this class throughout the season.
Here is what you get:

Pulling Tails

Each chapter presents a qigong exercise or meditation with an introduction and instruction.


Chapter 1. Autumn Introduction  (4:57)
How to use the videos and handout for maximum benefit.

Chapter 2. The Crane Frolic  (9:52)
Eight flowing movements for better balance, coordination, shoulder range of motion, leg strength, and deep relaxed breathing.

Chapter 3. White Crane and Lung Qigong (9:49)
training exercises for flexibility, power and balance; the essential lung qigong exercise.

Chapter 4. Meditations  (19:10)
Four phases of breathing, humming meditation, embryonic breathing.

Chapter 5. Autumn Qigong practice  (9:37)
Do the complete qigong practice with Dr Ron.

Chapter 6. Autumn Conclusion (2:51)
Contemplate your life, make decisions, find the flow of autumn.




Respiratory systemThe seventeen-page handbook comes as a high quality PDF document. It can be downloaded and stored on your device and/or printed as a hardcopy.

The handbook is an extensively revised text that gives you more information about the many facets of the Metal Phase. It provides detailed descriptions of the exercises and also presents much new information that is not covered in the videos: foods and herbs for the lungs and autuman energy, detailed illustrations and explanations of the respiratory system, research on the benefis of nitric oxice and its effect on the lungs, and more.

Brightly illustrated and concisely written, this illuminating text contains wise knowledge as a supplement to the video portion of Autumn Qigong.


 The video and the handbook will be accessible throughout autumn
to those who have registered for the course.

There are many advantages to this special online program:

  • Sign up at any time during this season.
  • Watch and read the material as often as you want.
  • Learn exactly how to do each exercise.
  • Understand the principles of Autumn Qigong.
  • View and practice in the comfort of your home.
  • Review short segments or the entire program at your leisure.
  • Stay motivated to practice with easy access to Dr. Ron’s guidance.


How to Register for Autumn Qigong

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Please note: access to Autumn Qigong will terminate on December 12 2023.
You may sign up for this class at anytime before December 12, 2023.


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Disclaimer: The information contained in this program may greatly enhance your sense of well being.
However, it is not intended to be a treatment for disease or disability.
Always consult your licensed health care practitioner before beginning any exercise program.


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