3 Session Class: November 14, 21, 28, 2017.

The Westridge Center, 1919 Fairway Dr. Bozeman.  
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm.

This is a great opportunity to do a qigong practice in the middle of the day. What better way to spend early afternoon than doing qigong and sitting in tranquillity for a few brief moments in time.

shutterstock 103351979The hour will begin with simply sitting quietly to let your mind settle down and your body relax. Then we will move into the Winter Qigong practice: Kidney Qigong, Bone Marrow Cleasnsing, Meditations. Special additions not taught in WQ Intensive will be the Six Winter Warmups that emphasize stretching and strengthening the body to complement internal qigong practice and sitting meditation. As time allows, we will go into the mystical Lake and Geyser Meditation to finish the practice period.

Dr. Ron will give a few brief talks on subjects relevant to winter health but the purpose of the session is to actually do the practice.

Some experience in qigong is recommended but certainly not required to attend this class. Beginners will benefit from the detailed handout and those who atended the Winter Qigong Intensive on Nov.11th will have an opportunity to practice and refine what they have learned. See the Special Fee below for those who did take the Intensive.

Because it is winter, each session will have considerable time spent in meditation and contemplations. Please bring a meditation cushion or bench to class. Or you may use the chairs already in the room.
You can find great collections of meditation cushions, benches and supplies online at and

Fees: $30 for 3 sessions, $12 for single session.
Special Fee for those who took Winter Qigong Intensive on 11/11: $20 for 3 sessions, $10 for a single.

1. Click here for the Registration Form.
2. Print the form, fill it out completely, then mail with a check payable to Ron Davis to
2715 Axtell Anceny Rd, Bozeman MT 59718

Thank you!

Winter is the Water Phase

a time to merge into the inner ocean of tranquillity
 and contact the true essence of your health.

*Payment plan is available. Please call 763.4588 if needed.