Summer Qigong
with Dr. Ron Davis
May 04, 2019.  9:00 am - 1:00 pm. 
The Bozeman Dharma Center
1019 E. Main, suite 2 (enter main front door).

Update May 2nd!
This class is full. It is closed. Thank you.

Summer Qigong is about discovering the human Spirit. What really makes us different from other animals? Why is so much of our brain devoted to emotions and to speech? Why do we build temples, offer prayers, and seek the meaning of life? And what is it that comes awake in "spiritual awakening"? These are the abiding questions of human beings and the gist of Summer Qigong.

 Summer Qigong is one current in the vast ocean of Daoist Qigong. Primarily focused on qigong, meditation and nutrition as a way to be naturally healthy, the purpose of the practice is summed up in this famous aphorism:

sunflower sky


Transform Jing into Qi,
Refine Qi into Shen,
Awaken Shen and
Return to the Void.

Jing, Qi and Shen are the Three Treasures of human life, Essence, Energy and Spirit. Essence is your genetic code that determines how you grow and when your body will die. Energy is the force behind every movement in your body and mind. Spirit is what makes you a human being. When these three Treasures are fully developed it leads to being in the Void which is a state of complete peace void of delusions and suffering, sometimes called "enlightenment".

“Enlightenment is intimacy with all things” Dōgen Zenji, Soto zen master

Each treasure is intimately connected to a specific Organ Network consisting of organs, emotions, foods and seasonal attributes. Our Spirit is linked to the Heart Network and the season of summer. This is our focus in Summer Qigong practice.

heart in hands jpgYour Shen/Spirit is expressed by the HeartMind, a  blend of emotions and mental formations. The function of Spirit is to make unspoken connections with the entire world, to touch the divine aspect of all things in nature, to be fully human. Only human beings have a Shen - the good news is that this defining aspect can be cultivated with meditations and qigong exercises.

Summer is the Supreme Yang season, that's why it's called the Fire Phase. Our Yang Qi naturally wants to go outward to join with all other energies in a glorious declaration of interdependence. However, this exuberance must be tempered by our Yin Qi which is best cultivated in meditation. The cool abode of the meditating mind is the best place to refine the fires of Yang Qi.

This class includes:
Qigong - Northern Star, Mixing Yin and Yang, Waiting at the Temple Gate, Heart Qigong.
Meditation - Rising Yang Q for the Spirit, and Colors of Health for the Yin organs.
Nutrition - Foods and Herbs for the heart and the Yang Qi.
- the HeartMind, the Five Spirits, and more...

Fire.2x2 150Summer Qigong practice is a complete program
for being healthy and happy during this Fire Phase.

Class begins at 9:00 am. Please arrive around 8:45. There will be a mid-morning break for tea and good snacks. Class will end around 1:00 pm.
 Preregistered students will receive a 16-page handout with instructions for the qigong exercises, meditations and diet. Dr. Ron's book, "Qigong Through The Seasons", will be available. Wear loose clothing, bring drinking water and pen for notes.

Please check back often for updates on this class.

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