August 2016

We Are Changing...and change is good!

The Health Movement is currently constructing a new web site. This will probably take several months. It's going to be fresh and exciting and will contain valuable informaiton regarding Your Well Being!
In the meantime, this present site will take you to the current and upcoming classes with Dr. Ron.


Exciting News:
davis_qigong-through_978-1-84819-238-6_colourjpg-printDr. Ron's long awaited new book is now available! What people are saying:

"Long before I had read any Chinese text or had even heard the word 'dao', I was searching for a book like this. With clear diagrams and simple, precise language, it illustrates how to harmonise our bodies and souls with the passing of the seasons using movement, self-tapping, diet and breathing, all tied in with gentle visualisations in the Chinese tradition. The transformative power of such practice is now well attested, and Ronald Davis, imbued as he is with many, many years practice, comes over as a consummate teacher. How much wiser to ensure, than insure our health! The merit of this text is its clear and gentle coaxing - giving us no excuse not to get down to it right away!" Richard Bertschinger, acupuncturist and author of several books including Everyday Qigong Practice and Essential Texts in Chinese Medicine: The Single Idea in the Mind of the Yellow Emperor.

Signed copies of Qigong Through The Seasons are available for purchase at the Bozeman Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic, and Country Bookshelf in Bozeman. Also available at online retailers. Click here for details.

Here is a link to a radio interview with Dr. Ron and Rachel Rockafellow on Yellowstone Public Radio. It was unscripted, informal, and well received by the listeners. A good time was had by all!


Our purpose for being here is to help you feel better. Physical pain, internal disorders, and emotional distress reduce your ability to be happy and healthy. We want to provide those health care services that will effectively correct or relieve your most pressing concerns, help you understand the nature of your condition, and show you how we can work together to achieve better health by integrating ancient wisdom with modern science.

From a satisfied patient... 

"Dear Dr. Davis,
This is to express my appreciation for your recommendation to use sonic stiumulation and electro-acupuncture for a painful hip...from osteoarthritis. As a result of the treatment, I have not had to use pain medication and have been able to ski, jog, and participate in all regular physical activities. In addition, my sleep has not been interrupted by hip pain. I am most pleased that I have been able to postpone, and hopefully completely avoid, hip replacement to maintain full mobility."
Jim Logar,
Big Sky, Montana

Dr. Davis is committed to providing excellent clinical care while teaching his patients and students how to take care of themselves. To that end he developed The Health Movement and has been teaching classes in Qigong, Taiji and Spinal Health care since 1986. He would like to acknowledge his sincere thanks to the following teachers:Jean Yu, Shouyu Liang, Ken Cohen, Roger Jahnke, Eva Wong, and Chris Luth.

Ronald Davis has practiced and studied many types of qigong and taiji since 1985. He enjoys teaching others so that they may attain the benefits of these health-enhancing systems that help them to fully express their potential for a better life. His quest is to know what it is that gives people the blessing of well-being

Dr. Ron Davis • Bozeman, MT • 406.763.4588 • thehealthmovement4u@gmail.com